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Donna's Gift Shop

Donna's Gift Shop

Each piece of the selection we offer is designed with our valued customers in mind, from bath and body care products to garden décor and furniture to aromatic candles. Your favorite décor themes are just a click away, whether your space is an escape to a tropical island or a step back in time to the wild west


Aromatic scents can be a part of the everyday when you choose from our selection of various shapes of oil warmers. From the modern to the traditional, warmers create an ambiance of peace and comfort when you burn your favorite wax melt or scented oil. For every style and décor preference, giving unique gift products send a message that you care, including various shapes of oil warmers.


 Moroccan-styled colored lanterns are another beautiful addition to a home’s space or to give as a gift. These items are available in various shapes and colors and can be hung or set on a table as part of a centerpiece. However you choose to use Moroccan-styled colored lanterns, our products will highlight the look of your décor.


For the bird lovers, Donna’s Gift Shop carries a great line of various themed birdhouses. From wooden varieties to bird feeders and birdbaths, your feathered friends will flock to these abodes right away. For the avid collector, our various themed birdhouses make thoughtful and practical gifts. 

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